Music Canada has released a report to highlight The Value Gap between paid and unpaid work in the arts.

It’s no secret that Canada, as a general whole, has not for many years believed its creators should earn fair wages for the content we produce. Filmmakers, musicians, artists and many more creative professionals have been reduced to fighting their way into funding whether it be from the government or private investment. Other countries have determined that the digital age has been hurting its creators by making content free or at a significantly reduced price through aggregate platforms and have taken steps to prevent complete cultural burn-out/drop-out.

At CANMAKE Productions we are 100% dedicated to a future that champions Canadian content and the people that create it. We are against the giant corporations that eat up all of the available funding to purchase American-made TV shows and films to be more competitive. We are absolutely determined to shift the narrative and make Canadian creativity a national priority (we’re talking to you, Bell Media!).

We are a small team, yes, but we are passionate about our craft. Our friends and colleagues in the creative industry deserve so much better than what we’ve been reduced to. Below is a press release from Music Canada, outlining The Value Gap which is putting Canada’s creators out of pocket and out of business.

We need to be paid for our work.

We need to demand that digital innovations and progression take our content seriously and put a monetary value on it. And we demand that of the Canadian government too, and implore this nation’s leaders to provide an example of what Canadian content means to our culture and our national economy.

This all trickles down into how many times we’ve been asked to create videos absolutely free of charge for exposure. Leadership in promoting payment for creative work needs to come from government and from large organizations – otherwise it will be extremely difficult for anyone else take creatives seriously enough to remit payment for work completed.